HM Customs Warns Of Dangerous DS Fakes

HM Customs (as in Her Majesty's - the Queen hates smuggling) has issued a warning against fake Nintendo DS Lites that can (possibly) cause you physical harm as well as financial.

A big batch of the fake handhelds (the UK is awash with them this Xmas, apparently) were seized in a freight depot raid and were found to have potentially dangerous power supplies. By 'potentially dangerous' they actually mean 'not electrically tested', so its not like they crawl across the room and strangle you in the night but there is a danger of fire or electrocution.

The bigger question for me is - just how fake are they? Do they play DS games? Are they just rebadged Game & Watch? The article says the were bought on 'Asian websites' for around £40, so goodness only knows what you are buying. Are there even any electronics in them?

Bogus Nintendo consoles 'could be killers'


    That's why you only buy from legit stores, big ones like YesAsia/etc.
    And never buy in China either unless it is once again a legit store. There's quite a lot of 'market stalls' in China (even ones that type up entire multi-storey buildings), but if you check their products you know it is either:
    1. A fake; or
    2. A really, really old version of the console/game that you've never heard of.

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