How Skate Plans On Not Becoming The Next Tony Hawk

I love Skate. I love it because it's about skating, and not about riding toilets with Jackass characters. Which, while we're on the subject, is the reason I stopped playing Tony Hawks.

So how are EA's Skate team planning on avoiding the same pitfalls? After all, Tony Hawks started out simple, just like Skate has. EA's Shaun Laker explains.

As long as we keep putting out great games and don't rush it out and polish it and make sure we're listening to the community and hearing what they're having to say [we will avoid that]

So there you have it! As long as you keep asking for better graphics and slight tweaks, you'll be OK. The second you kids start asking for giant heads and Dirty Sanchez cameos, though, it's all over.

'Skate' Team Has A Plan To Avoid 'Tony Hawk' Syndrome [MTV]


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