If Crusty Old Hippies Designed A Wii Remote...

...it would look a lot like this. Well, crusty hippies or industrious 19th century sailors. They're the only types aside from DHREK who could have made a functioning Wii Remote out of hemp string.

Yes, hemp string. The exterior of this Wii Remote and Nunchuk are made out of "100% natural hemp", giving them a rustic, fuzzy, organic appearance. But the insides? 100% Nintendo-manufactured Wii Remote insides. This remote's accelerometer, infra-red and buttons are all fully armed and operational (if also exceedingly delicate).

Endtroducing: The Hemp-Mote [DHRECK]


    Wow! This is pretty cool. Looks like they used 20# test waxed hemp twine. The Global Hemp Store offers similar hemp twine in 10, 20, 36, 48, 100, and 170 lbs test waxed sizes.

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