Is Kevin Rudd A Gamer?


Any excuse to run this photo again. But seriously, we now all know Kevin Rudd wants us to buy consoles, so the obvious follow-up question is: "Does Kevin Rudd himself own a console?"We know he's down with "new media". He's on Myspace and Facebook. He twitters quite frequently, and I'm sure he had a Live Journal back in the day. Surely he's a gamer too? So, Kev, if you're reading, drop us a line and let us know your Xbox Live Gamertag or your PSN ID. Tell us which WOW server you play on and link us to your Sporecast. We'd love to tackle Gears' Horde mode with you, [email protected], [email protected] and P3+3GArr3++. Anyone else want to challenge a politician to a game? If so, who and which game would you choose?


    Probably owns a wii.

    I'll play some L4D with the Ruddinator!

    Everyone makes a fool of themselves over mic-chat in that game and I reckon Rudd wouldn't be any different "get it off! Get it off!!" hahahaha

    EVERYONE in politics should be quizzed on their plan for the zombie apocalypse.


    Picture a game of COD4 between the australian team: Rudd, Gillard, Garrett and Swannie, vs the american team: Bush, Obama, Clinton and McCain

    This could be the most epic UN Summit EVER

    Gimme 10 mins with Conroy on Q2's "The Edge"...oh please fun fun fun

    apparently when he lived up here in brissie he was a member of the local rifle range and used to do clay pidgeon shooting or whatever. Not saying he'd kick arse in halo but he would be handy in that zombie apocolypse

    Paul Keating plays the Total War games. Fact.

    His son's a WoW player isn't he? I imagine the Ruddinator has dabbled in a few games at least. Hard to have kids and not had a go nowadays.

    Dizz: that amused me greatly, because I imagined him saying it in that same detached, emotionless voice that he uses all the time.

    I seem to remember some minor excitement around election time when Rudd Junior was seen wearing a World of Warcraft T-Shirt. The PM might not be a gamer, but he's probably at least vaguely aware of the whole thang.

    Yes he does. A mate of mine works at EB Centrepoint and K-Rudd himself bought a console game for his son, I think.

    I saw him outside the arcade on Albert Street once and he smiled at me as if to say "Hey, gamer dude". Is that enough?

    Apparently Marcus Rudd shreds at guitar hero, so you'd imagine that they have at least one console in their house.

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