Kevin Rudd Buys Us All Consoles For Xmas

Kevin Rudd Buys Us All Consoles For Xmas

pm_official_photograph_small.jpgWell, sort of. Apparently, console sales in Australia have spiked dramatically since the Rudd government bribed us introduced its economic stimulus package.According to the Herald Sun, “The latest official sales figures covering the five weeks to December 6 show the games market is up 39 per cent on the same period last year.”

More specifically related to the stimulus package is this little anecdote from Xbox Australia marketing manager, Jeremy Hinton:

Anecdotal evidence from retailers revealed the sale of new game consoles doubled in some cases the day after consumers received the Federal Government’s $1000 bonus in their bank accounts.

Microsoft marketing manager Jeremy Hinton said pre-Christmas Xbox 360 sales had been given a significant boost by the government handout.

He said that on the day the federal financial fillip kicked in last Wednesday – usually a quiet day for games outlets – some shop owners made frantic calls requesting more stock after being rushed by cashed-up shoppers.

“We had retailers on the phone saying, ‘Quick, we’ve almost sold out (of Xbox 360 consoles). We need more stock now,’ ” Mr Hinton told the Herald Sun.

“We had one of our retailers call us and say he sold 300 consoles on Tuesday and when the money kicked in by early Wednesday had sold 800.”

So, if you find a console under the tree this Christmas, just thank Kev.

And thanks to Dane for the tip!


  • I bought a console this year but no thanks to Kevin, no, I am the one paying for the parents and pensioners to go on this spending spree. Wish I got a grand for free.

    O wait, a grand don’t come for free.

  • I must admit straight out I did buy a new Playstation 3 80GB directly on hearing the news of this bonus, and checking that I was eligible for it.

    By the way, I think the crossed out ‘bribed us’ is more applicable, I think I only brought this because it was strongly stressed it was to spend. I have spent half of this cash, the rest is in savings.

    The funny thing is, I have had the PS3 for just under 3 weeks now. However in that time, my brothers XBOX has got an e74 Error, went into repair, got it back, played for 4 days then got the e74 error again (its in repair again now).

    He wants his own PS3 now 😛

  • Sickens me that dole bludgers and the unemployed are freeloading off my taxes. I earn over $100k a year but I still don’t have much expendable cash at all. I have 2 kids and a wife and it goes quickly. I should be the one getting the 1k.

    In an ideal world the only people that deserve the money are elderly pensioners or 50+ retirees, people with disabilities or diseases and people who genuinely cannot find work at all.

    My kids are wanting a Xbox 360 this Christmas but unfortunately it’s looking like we wont be able to afford one.

  • You earn $100k but don’t have expendable cash. People on the dole get $12k if there lucky and you deserve 1k? Maybe you should lower your living standards?.

  • Because I don’t mooch off the system, I get nothing, which pisses me off.

    And ben – you’re earning 100k a year and you’re struggling? Stop sending your kids to pointless private schools and don’t even dare complain about how hard it is.

  • @cs, marcus & smudge – re; Ben.

    Totally agreed.

    Ben – whose ideal world is that? Yours only. Reality check please, you, who earn $100k plus, deserve a $1k bonus over people earning $12k a year? Where’s the logic in that? Maybe instead of whining that your kids are missing out on a 360 this chrissie, you can feel good that some of your tax is going towards giving disadvantaged people an xmas that you take for granted.

  • Ben, you’re earning $100K a year…and struggling? How is that possible? Seriously, how can that be possible? Like Smudge, my parents raised three kids comfortably on less than half of that. Please get in touch with reality.

  • Food stamps would have been much more useful in benefiting the poor, and getting some money spending going on.

    However if I was fortunate to be in a position where I was given a grant, I’d be making sure the missus had a bun in the oven cause gaming on a 14 inch aint no fun.

  • I think the logic behind this cash injection is lost on some people. I’m not supporting KRudd, I’ve never liked him (although, honestly, I am warming up towards him), but the government’s job is to take our money and spend it however they see fit.. I’m glad that everyday people (not just dole bludgers and single mothers, who usually get all the kickbacks)are getting something this time. I mean, the government would have taken those taxes anyway, so I’m no worse off for it.
    And think of it as a bonus to retailers and their staff, these people may keep their jobs because of the extra income the stores are bringing in.. Well thats the plan anyway.

  • Wait right there Jordan, hold the F$%# on, what’s this all about –

    “Ben – whose ideal world is that? Yours only. Reality check please, you, who earn $100k plus, deserve a $1k bonus over people earning $12k a year?”

    Earning 12k a year??? EARN??? Earning what exactly??? If they’re not disabled or on a pension as Ben explained, then what do they do to earn 12k a year?…. NOTHING….

    These scummy little dole bludgers that leave their kids in cars and walking around on the street while they pump their centrelink benefits into poker machines and through syringes into their arms all of a sudden EARN the money they leech from the government.

    This Ben guy ^^^ sounds like he deserves the money more because he seems like a hard working person and a respectable citizen. But no the government wont give him any money, he’s not a deadshit sitting on his ass all day smoking bongs and watching porn, while his kids roll around in their own feces. Why should the government give him money if he’s not hanging around shopping centres, grabbing womans purses, buying and selling drugs, getting drunk at the bar and putting his centrelink benefits through poker machines at 10am on a monday morning. Why should the government give him money if him and his wife arn’t pumping out babies just to get paid??

    Answer – Because he’s a hardworking citizen.

    Debacle – Under a Labor government, it looks like you gotta be a deadshit to get paid.

  • Ben .. despite all the people here, I 100% agree with you.. I too earn my $100+k but it still doesnt go that far.. i paid $45k in tax last year, someone’s wage in tax, I have never mooched off the system (even when I could have) .. I have no objection to paying my taxes, why I can not stand is that the money is being squandered! What a waste of money, a 1 time injection of cash, so what, we’ll see a little bleep on the screen and back to normal .. money should have been spent on something useful, instead the f**ked up gov we (not me) elected in is giving money to the people who got them in .. thanks for voting, here’s $1k, those who didnt .. well, no money for you.

  • @ Kavliari – what about the elderly pensioners getting the money? What about people who’ve lost their jobs due to the recession?

    @ mkb – thanks for the xbox

  • @ marcus – What recession? Oh you’re talking about the giant media hype that’s going on at the moment. News flash !! People have been losing jobs by the thousands every day all day for the last 100 years, just because the media starts talking about it doesn’t mean it’s “new”, or because of this apparant “recession” that’s headed for us.

  • kevin the dud . you are a peice of work you have in one year emptyed the coffers of all funds to acheive nothing. how smart you are , gave every one some cash to keep them happy, you gave holden money to give to the usa,, how smart is that , you are a complete idiot. at this stage in the economy , i would rather be in jail because of you my bussines is failing and it is because of you , at least in jail i won’t have to work and i will be fed and a roof over my don’t help small bussines you attack them with regulations and rules to close them down. well kevin who will employ us know, that the big guns are going under, hu answer that , you can’t cause your to stupid.

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