Kotaku AU: Games Of The Year – #8

Kotaku AU: Games Of The Year – #8

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And at number eight in my personal picks for 2008 we find some old-school dungeon-crawling, courtesy of Atlus. I’m pretty sure this game got more play on my DS than every other handheld game combined…8. Etrian Odyssey 2 (DS)

It’s all about the grind. Story-driven JRPGs can get bogged down in demanding you fight interminable random battles to reach the required XP levels to progress, when all you really want to do is find out what happens next. Etrian Odyssey avoids this by making the grind the whole point of the experience.
Like Neverwinter Nights: Storm of Zehir, it’s a glorious return to the roots of the RPG – pen & paper D&D where all that mattered was looting some dungeons for fame and fortune. The touch-screen map-making also delivers a nostalgia for a time when games didn’t auto-map for you. There’s something genuinely satisfying about charting your own progress in such a tactile way.
It might seem like a retro throwback – and it essentially is – but in its character class and skill systems there’s more than enough variety and choice to keep you exploring just one more dungeon level each time.


  • cragga it’s surprising you should say that, because from what I understand Etrian Odyssey was highly regarded across the board.

    I certainly intend to check it out.

  • maybe that was a wee bit harsh, i really enjoyed plugging through both for 15 odd hours and giving up, but theyre a goty like dwarf fortress is a goty, they appeal to a very small subset of gamers, but this is your personal games of the year, they should be whatever you like. game on.

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