Lara Croft Downloadable Wet Suit Alert!

Clearly, Eidos does not "get" the business of microtransactions, because it's giving away a downloadable wet suit pack for Tomb Raider Underworld for free. Insanity! This won't make investors happy.

But giving them away for free they are, seemingly as a promotion to light a fire under Xbox 360 owners to pick up the latest Tomb Raider. The official site does write that the two new skin tight outfits are "courtesy of publisher Eidos plc and Microsoft," a clever move to appeal to those who lust after Lara Croft.

If you don't yet have the game, you can still download the two new outfits for later use. Or, you can simply download the renders of both in 5120x2880 resolution and do whatever it is you would normally do with something like that. Creep.

In actual news, the official site updates us on the planned Xbox 360 exclusive downloadable chapters, Beneath The Ashes and Lara's Shadow, the release of which is "looking likely to be sometime in January."



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