Left 4 Dead's Survivors Are Now... Twittering

The four still-human survivors from Left 4 Dead have a new obsession that helps break up the monotony between Boomer attacks. They're twittering — or is it tweeting? — their most recent accomplishments.

Normally reserved for the mundane minute to minute existence — "Just had Froot Loops for breakfast" and "Washed hands again" — Twitter can apparently also be the perfect place to announce to the world you've just made it to the safe house. Or that you've found some pipe bombs.

The creator of the project, dubbed "Twit 4 Dead," says he created the bots as a response to the brilliant in-game banter between Zoey, Louis, Bill and Francis. My favourite tweet? It's from Zoey: "I spent my life being given shit about my hands; you'd think at the end of the world the fucking gamesblog geeks could give me a break."

Twit 4 Dead: more silly nonsense with Twitter bots. [Infovore via Waxy]


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