Let Us Mourn The Passing Of Yet Another Kotaku Xbox 360

I honestly couldn't put an exact number on it, but I'm pretty sure we're at 12+ broken Xbox 360s here. And counting. I say counting because yesterday, we lost another.

While billions across the planet were celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ yesterday, I instead spent the day mourning a death, as my little beige box uttered its last, gasping breath. What's most sad is not the loss itself; it's that it couldn't go out in glory, a fiery RROD flashing across its face like a middle finger extended from beyond the grave.

No, it just...died. Like an old man passing on in his sleep. I was playing some FIFA, the game froze, the screen corrupted and...that was it. No poetic statement, no RROD joke. It just...doesn't work now.

Seeing as my last 360 death was almost 18 months ago, I'd led myself to believe this kind of tragic unreliability was behind me. Guess not! First the Halo 3 beta, now with a stack of holiday purchases to get through...it sure does have a sick sense of timing.


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