Let's Tap Doesn't Knock Out Big Sales In Japan

Japan let's mehs Let's Tap. During its launch, the penguin-playable game shifted a mere 5,400 copies. The game was developed by Yuji Naka, former lead programmer of Sonic The Hedgehog.

To be fair, the sales period started on December 15 and ended on December 21. Let's Tap went on sale December 18 — didn't get a full week in retail. Maybe next week, it'll move 5,000 more copies. Who knows, the sky's the limit.

(To be even more fair, new title DISSIDIA: Final Fantasy sold over 500,000 during the same period. It, like Let's Tap, also went on sale December 18. Penguins, however, probably can't play it.)

Read our Let's Tap impressions here.

Famitsu Sales: 12/15 - 12/21 [NeoGAF via Sega Nerds]


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