Lorne Lanning Vaguely Talks Hollywood CG Film Project

Last we heard, Oddworld creator Lorne Lanning had inked a deal with Hollywood to bring his vision, sci-fi actioner Citizen Seige, to life in a CG flick.

What happened? Lanning tells Gamasutra's Brandon Sheffield: "We've got the Citizen Siege film in development. And we now have an even better idea of why they call it 'development hell.'" So, sounds like not much has moved forward with that — but, in the same breath, Lanning adds:

We've still got secrecy around another "Hollywood meets gaming" project that we're very excited about, and while it's taken us a while, we're also working on something new for Oddworld.

We still don't want to get into any details on at this time but from my previous answers you'll likely have an idea for where all this is heading.

Interested in reading all those previous answers? Head over to game blog GameSetWatch and do just that.

Interview: Lorne Lanning On Keeping The Oddworld Archive Alive [GameSetWatch][Pic]


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