Major Tecmo Shareholder Unsure About Koei Merger

The planned merger between Japanese game developers Tecmo and Koei stumbles a bit today, as Tecmo's 2nd largest stockholder hits the more information button.

Singapore-based investment firm Effissimo Capital Management, which owns a 17.6% stake in Tecmo, issued a statement to Japan's Ministry of Finance stating that it hadn't enough information to come to a clear conclusion about the merger between the two companies.

"We have not had sufficient information from the company to make a judgment on the merger, such as the feasibility of their plan to raise shareholder value," Effissimo Director Takashi Kosaka said in the statement.

Whether or not this will have any effect on the merger remains to be seen, but I for one am hoping everything goes smoothly. That Romance of the Three Kingdoms / Dead or Alive crossover cannot come to soon.

Major Tecmo Shareholder Opposes Koei Merger
[Bloomberg via Gamasutra]


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