Mario Kart Love Song Melts Geek Hearts

Singer-songwriter-reader Mark illustrates the best way to get into the sweatpants of the Mario Kart-loving lady in your life. We're not talking about the yarn Waluigi moustache — it's the quiet storm ballad, silly.

Mark's "Mario Kart Love Song" may be simply titled, but his ability to weave blue shell sacrifice into romantic gesture... well, he's won our hearts. This is poet laureate level shit. Oh, and ending the romantic tune with "Wa-wa-wa-wa-wa-Waluigi..." was a smooth move.


    That was so fucking adorable. When is this guy releasing his album???

    Hi This is such a nice song. Does this guy have a cd out, I would love to get it.....

    don't know where you got the name Mark, but the singer/song-writer here is SAM HART

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