Meat Bun II: The Sequel Brings More Sweet Tees

Our favourite gaming t-shirt line Meat Bun has shipped its first sequel, a quartet of new video game-themed tees just in time for the holidays. Nothing says "Put some clothes on" like a t-shirt!

You can drape your upper torso in style with one of the new designs — Halo of the Bun, Street Fighter Club, M64 and Shooting For Vengeance. That last one's for the shmup fan in your life. It even has longer than normal sleeves, perfect for casual Fridays at work. And grab yourself one of those snazzy Capcom-approved Fight Night tees while you're at it, now in a new "blood" colour scheme.

Go on, punish our very own Mike McWhertor — Meat Bun co-owner — with another week's worth of shipping. Get 'em before they're gone!

Meat Bun Store [Meat Bun]


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