Medal of Honour, Rayman 2 To Join PlayStation Store's 'PSone Classics'?

The ESRB has recently rated Medal of Honour and Rayman 2: Revolution for release on the PlayStation 3 and PSP, a good sign both are coming to the PlayStation Store. Wait... Rayman 2: Revolution?

Yes, that's a PlayStation 2 game; the original PlayStation release was titled Rayman 2: The Great Escape. That either means one of three things: someone erred on the submission side, there are some title revisionists at Ubisoft, or Sony's going to start releasing PlayStation 2 games for download via the PlayStation Store, starting with Rayman 2: Revolution. Yes, that last one sounds suspect.

Regardless, we're checking in with Sony while setting our graphical bar low enough to play through Medal of Honour whenever that's made available.


    This game is awesome.Nowadays this game is going places!Really!!!!!!!Medal Of Honor changed my life!!!!:)

    I would like somebody to be in this with me!


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