Metallica Debuts Guitar Hero: Metallica Trailer

Who gets the exclusive first trailer for Guitar Hero: Metallica? Well, Metallica does. The band revealed the game in motion via its official site, with a guest appearance from... Ennio Morricone?

No, we don't think the score from The Good, The Bad and The Ugly will be playable, but it sets the mood. Perhaps it's Metallica's subtle way of saying that James Hetfield's in-game character model is downright hideous? I mean, I know the dude's not exactly oozing handsome in real life, but he looks goddamn scary in Guitar Hero: Metallica.

The rest of the trailer is all about "Master of Puppets" and self-promotion, touting 20 of the band's "fiercest songs" and guitar or full band gameplay. I'm a little excited! I just hope we can revert to Garage Days Revisited skins and that Activision nixes any plans for a Cliff Burton zombie mode.

Guitar Hero: Metallica [Metallica]


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