Microsoft - Less Than 1% Affected By Scratched Discs

Amidst allegations that the company knew about the Xbox 360 disc-scratching issue all along, Microsoft says that the issue only effects an extremely small segment of console owners.

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In a statement issued to Edge Online, a Microsoft representative explained that less than 1% of Xbox 360 owners have reported issues with scratched discs.

"While we have had some users contact us with concerns about scratched discs, it is much less than 1 percent of the total Xbox 360 user base...Xbox 360 is designed so that it will not damage a game disc as long as the console is not moved while the disc is spinning. Too much movement of any game console, not just Xbox 360, can cause scratches on a disc."

The rep goes on to explain that this is why customers are warned not to move the system during gameplay in multiple locations, both in the hardware manuals and online. If the manual says don't move the system during gameplay, and you move the system during gameplay, is the resulting disc damage their fault?

Scratched 360 Discs Affect "Less than 1%" [Edge Online]


    I've had this happen to me, without moving the console, though it was upright at the time (which, according to Microsoft, is fine). I recently received it back from a RRoD service, and the drive has been much louder since I sent it away. When I spoke to Microsoft Support, they admitted fault, said that they'd replace it if it was a Microsoft-published game (which it wasn't), and otherwise, it was the retailers responsibility (which it isn't). Fortunately, a disc repair service at my retailer was able to recover the game, but I'll probably have to send the console off to be 'repaired' (unsure what they actually do..) after Christmas.

    Glad we managed to fix you disc. Took three runs through the machine to get rid of the scratch. I tell you, Laser burns are the worst type of disc damage I have seen.

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