Microsoft, At Least, Are Throwing Down At E3

Little bit loathe to post this, seeing as it's mostly corporate chest-beating, but then, there's value in this corporate chest-beating beyond the actual chest-beating.

During his latest podcast, Microsoft's Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb got to talking about E3. And Microsoft's marketing strategy for this year's E3. And how, as opposed to the last few years, they're going to go a little bananas.

I came out of an E3 planning meeting just about an hour ago, and we were looking at some of the plans for the future and things that we might want to tease, and it's very exciting.

There's a lot of stuff on the docket, and maybe we'll break the bank a little bit and talk about things that are further out, which will hopefully get the community excited.

Guess on what he means all you want, we're just happy at least one company is taking the show seriously this year.

Microsoft looking to "break the bank" at E3 2009 [VG247]


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