Microsoft: Aussies Nearly Spent More On 360 Than On Original Xbox


Following on from our earlier story, Microsoft have just issued a strange press release. Strange because usually these things are for announcing something, not announcing you've almost done something.

Aside from telling us they've nearly sold 500,000 Xbox 360 consoles, Microsoft let slip we've nearly spent as much money on the 360 as we did on the original Xbox. Given that the original Xbox sold 842,000 units to the 360's 500,000-ish, it's clear we're paying significantly more for our consoles, games and accessories this generation.

Finally, the other noteworthy fact sees over four million 360 games sold in Australia, meaning the average 360 owner has purchased around eight games. Not too shabby, it must be said.

Here's the complete spin from Microsoft:

Xbox 360 ends 2008 on a high: Closing in on half a million units sold in Australia
Local gaming industry experiences biggest week ever

SYDNEY 19 December 2008 - Microsoft's Entertainment & Devices Division (EDD) today announced that by Christmas, 500,000 Xbox 360 consoles will be sold in Australia*, making the console the most popular of any High Definition next generation platform.

This announcement coincides with the news that last week alone Australians bought over $100 million worth of gaming products, setting a record for the largest week ever in the history of Australian gaming.

Microsoft EDD Regional Director (ANZ) David McLean said, "Although it's a challenging worldwide economic landscape, Xbox Australia has seen an increase of 52 per cent in console sales in recent weeks compared to this time last year. By Christmas, Australians will have spent more on the Xbox 360 than they did on the original Xbox console.

"Xbox users to date have bought more software and accessories per console than users of any other next-generation console," commented McLean. "2008 has been the strongest year in Australia for Xbox since we entered the market seven years ago and we still have two weeks to go."

Local facts*

  • Australians have spent $608 million since the beginning of October on gaming products, which is a 40 per cent increase on the same period last year
  • Xbox 360 has now sold 25 million consoles worldwide with over 4 million games sold in Australia
  • Over 50 per cent of Xbox 360 users in Australia are now connected to Xbox LIVE
  • Australians are turning to gaming as a cost effective form of entertainment and a great option for those holidaying at home

Over 14 million people globally are connected through the Xbox LIVE social entertainment network worldwide. This Xbox LIVE growth momentum will continue locally as broadband becomes faster and ubiquitous.

* All figures quoted are supplied by GFK except for Xbox LIVE figures


    Hey David, do you think it would be a good idea to disclose the fact that you used to work in PR for Microsoft? Not saying that you are biased or will let it incluence your writing in any way, but just that it might be appropriate to point out the fact to readers so they can make up their own mind.

    I used to work for the PR agency that handled the Xbox account for Microsoft, but I was never a Microsoft employee. Subtle difference, I know, but nonetheless. I've also worked for Atari and written for loads of gaming publications (PC PowerPlay, Hyper, Official PlayStation, Official Xbox, IGN, etc etc). Nothing to hide here, and I'm very comfortable letting readers make up their own mind about anything.

    Good stuff, many thanks for that. I do think its important to let readers now, as no doubt you will be commenting a lot on the various vendors. Good luck in the new role.

    Cheers. I'd also suggest my experience on both sides of the fence has me uniquely prepared for this kind of gig. But you're right, I've been meaning to post an introductory message so I'll mention this stuff there where more people will see it...

    How does the games sold compare to the competition in Australia? Microsoft have always boasted that they have a very solid attach rate in other places, I'd love to know if it's true here too.

    Personally I'm at 35 and counting.

    Microsoft should now pull there finger out and fix xbox live Australia its sucks, no video downloads, no inside xbox everything is slow if we have half the people on xbox live is that half with gold? if so 250,000 x $80 = $20,000,000

    come on Microsoft stop ripping us off, god them HDD are so costly aswell

    just for a note i have about 20 360 games, another mate as over 10, anoter has 10, and the last one has 6

    but i buy a lot of games 2nd hand

    Good to see I am an above average user....sadly, above average consumer.....have nearly 80 games for the 360, above 90% at full price purchases. I have spent lots of money on all 360, it is a great console despite its flaws.....oh and I do own a PS3.....great blu ray player...really.

    I'm more amazed I can remember the name "David Wildgoose" from the old PC Powerplays I used to read back in high school o_O

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