Midnight Club LA Made Easier For Wimps Like Me?

Rockstar has issued a new title update for Midnight Club: Los Angeles, adding "improved AI balance to adjust dynamically to user skill level." Wait... does that mean less expletive/controller hurling, thanks to sane AI-controlled drivers?

Until we actually go update the thing — it's now out for both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 — we're going to assume that means a less frustrating computer controlled opponent. And, if so, praise be to all that is good and holy in this universe.

The title update also adds "support for additional leaderboards for tournaments on the Rockstar Games Social Club, broader multiplayer match searching, and upgraded streaming and performance" specifically for the Xbox 360 version.


    I find MC:LA fun but both too easy and too hard... I don't think it suits my difficulty at all... sometimes I get so far ahead in races the AI is nowhere near me and other times 1 mistake costs me an entire race.. it's a great game though haven't had a chance to play online yet though..

    lol I find this game is too hard, once you crash it's so hard to catch back up. There should be a way to change your difficulty for people who suck ( like me ) and for people who want a real challange. I have been playing these games since DUB Edition

    The game was programmed by artists, not gamers. Your reward for getting better cars, is that EVERY computer opponent gets EVEN better cars, and with every speed boost, the game becomes that much less playable. Imagine working your ass off in a adventure game to improve your skills/equipment, only to find that the boss you were attempting to defeat has matched or bettered his equipment to keep it unbeatable.

    Vehicle stats are virtually meangless since once a computer controls the car, they have psychic traffic avoidance, regardless of model, type, agility, etc. Further when they do collide with traffic the computer cars are barely slowed, whilst you spin, lose all momentum, and essentially have to restart since, you're already racing faster cars than you. Even a perfect race from that point on, rarely gets you more than 3rd.

    After the HUGE dissapointment that GTA4 was (lets take the funnest game enviroment of all time, and make it realistic.), I'm through buying Rockstar games without trying them first.

    This game isn't as hard as it is lame. The computer never slows when crashes but you end up on your top starting over again. You start off with some of the shi*iest car and are placed up against cars that are way faster.

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