Mirror's Edge With And Without Awesome Physx Effects

Remember that fantastic Mirror's Edge trailer dripping with snazzy PhysX eye-candy? The differences, with or without, may not have been clear enough to the casual observer, something DICE, EA, and NVIDIA hope to change.

They want to drill realistic banner waving and glass shattering directly into your retinas, with a side-by-side comparison of what PC gamers with PhysX abilities will get when Mirror's Edge ships in January for Windows.


    "In aus you can't buy a decent rig for less than 2000."

    You can get a perfectly capable, modern gaming rig for 1200-1500 (and since you'll also want a PC for non-gaming purposes, the more honest price to compare to consoles is the collective price of the gaming components, which come out about the same as a standard 360, if not cheaper).
    But anyway, $2000? Where are you shopping, Harvey Norman?

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