NCsoft Bids Farewell To The ESA

MMORPG publisher NCsoft is the latest game company to sever their ties with game industry trade group and E3 organisers the Entertainment Software Association.

Game Politics spoke with the ESA, who confirmed that the MMO publisher had followed the likes of Activision, ID, Crave, and Codemasters, choosing not to renew their ESA membership.

We can confirm that NCsoft decided not to renew its ESA membership. We respect their decision and remain committed to serving the public affairs needs of the computer and video game industry.

NCsoft have been in a bit of trouble lately, with layoffs, the closing of Tabula Rasa, and the departure of gaming legend Richard Garriott. As Game Politics points out, quitting the ESA is most likely a further cost-cutting measure for the beleaguered company.

Has NC Interactive Left the ESA? [Game Politics]


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