NCsoft West's Christmas Greeting Is Adorable

NCsoft West delivers this adorable little holiday greeting card, featuring little wooden Christmas toy versions of characters from City of Heroes, Lineage II, Guild Wars, and even the upcoming Aion: Tower of Eternity.

It almost makes me glad that Auto Assault failed, as an armed-to-the-grill road warrior vehicle wouldn't have fit in with this festive scene. Look at chibi Stateman. Isn't he just precious? And I'd daresay I like this look for the Aion and Lineage II characters much better than their cookie-cutter Korean MMO counterparts.

This really just makes me crave an MMO where players take up the roles of toys in a child's play room. There could be raids on pre-school recess, and fantastic journeys to the inside of the family mini-van. Perhaps I've just got toys on the brain. Christmas does that. Either way, Happy Holidays, NCsoft!


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