New Sims 3 Trailer Is Several Kinds Of Strange

This new European trailer for EA's The Sims 3 is perfectly fine until the young French maid starts making out with the wrinkled old man.

It all kicks off with what seems to be a skinny goth woman on an exercise machine who drives several miles away in order to break in to a house and steal candy from small children. During her adventure she encounters cooking, flatulence, and the aforementioned cross-generational make out session. The whole thing ends with the previously skinny goth girl as a grossly fat goth girl, having presumably gone on a mad candy-stealing spree.

I think the message here is supposed to be something along the lines of the playing the game is as simple as taking candy from a baby, but the only message I get is that young women kissing men with liver spots isn't something I wanted to see today.


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