New Steam Beta Features In-Game Browser

Remember in-game browser Rogue? Well, maybe not for long. Valve's horning in on the action, which means browser overlays are officially all the rage. There's one included in the new Steam Beta client.

Quoth Valve:

There's a new Steam Beta client available. To access the Beta, go to File -> Settings, and on the Account tab will be a drop down. Select Steam Client Candidate, and then allow Steam to restart itself. Here are the specific changes:

- Updated game overlay web browser to support generic web browsing, including web sites that use flash
- Fixed games list scrolling behaviour with pageup/pagedown and mouse wheel
- Many back-end Steamworks changes in preparation for a Steamworks SDK update

PC gaming is starting to enable and expect a level of multitasking that is seriously starting to concern me. But I guess when you're camping out as the Sniper and you've got nothing better to do, might as well schedule a credit card payment, or update your Facebook status.

Steam Client Beta Available [Steam Users' Forums, via Evil Avatar]


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