Next Lego Game? Try Harry Potter

Having heard from "sources", CVG are reporting that the next franchise to be given the Lego game treatment will be...well, whaddya know, Harry Potter.

And that's all they know. No further info given. Then again, being a Lego game, do you really need further info? They're all, largely, the same game. Running, jumping, shooting/punching, collecting Lego bits.

Just replace the IP, add a new theme song, then wonder aloud how long Traveller's Tales can get away with it before the buying public catches on.

To anyone and everyone hoping for Lego Blade Runner, Lego Kindergarten Cop or Lego The Italian Job, sorry. You'll have to maintain your silent vigils for a little while longer.

Lego Harry Potter in development? [CVG]


    you know i think harry potter would be awesome since these spells like Avada Kadavera for voldemort just think of you fire it and it hits someone and they totally EXPLODE and dumbeldore think how they look people hed look really funny i once saw this musical it was so funny so i think it would be good also the combat heres another thing the SPELL LEARNIN I THINK THAT WOULD BE SO COOL PEACE

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