Next Tony Hawk As Close To Real Skating As You'll Ever Come

Tony Hawk continues to hype the living hell out of the next game in Activision's skateboarding series, now claiming it will be the closest you will ever come to skateboarding in a video game.

Tony's interview with CNET echoes his interview with the LA Times from earlier this week on many levels, discussing his charity while hinting at some sort of accelerometer function in the next game, but when it gets down to hyping the next title, Hawk dials things up a notch.

I can guarantee you that it's as close to real skating as you'll ever come.

Well there you have it folks. You will never, ever come as close to skateboarding as you will in the next Tony Hawk game. This is the end all, be all of skateboarding games, as foretold by prophecy. We'll just bookmark this post for when the Tony Hawk game after the next one comes out.

Tony Hawk talks charity, game development [CNET News]


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