No, Tim Burton's 9 Is Not Riffing On Sackboy

Several readers have sent in tips pointing to the trailer for Tim Burton's latest animated feature, 9, suggesting the film's characters are homages to Media Molecule's Sackboy of LittleBigPlanet fame. Not the case!

While the characters do bear a certain similarity, what with the sackcloth construction and zippers at their necks, Tim Burton's 9 is actually based off the short film of the same title, created by Shane Acker and released in April of 2005. Seeing as we didn't see the first stirrings of LittleBigPlanet until January 2007, it's more likely designers at Media Molecule took took some inspiration from it, rather than the other way around.

Still, the trailer does look absolutely amazing, and it can't hurt to look a little sackboyish when it sees release come 9/9/2009. I've gone ahead and included the trailer below, because it is pretty damn awesome.


    Tim burton's 9? He isn't directing it, give some credit to Shane Acker.

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