Online Shoppers, You Are In The Minority

Research firm Frank N. Magid Associates looked into you, the gaming public's buying habits. Looked at how you bought your games, where you bought them. The results? You buy them in stores.

Of the survey group (who must have purchased at least one game over the past 12 months), only 9% had purchased a boxed copy of a game from an online retailer. That's not many. As for digital purchases, those were even lower, with only 6% (with most of those being between the ages 18-24) having bought a game off a service like XBLA or the PSN.

Everyone else did it the old fashioned way, and bought it in a store. With money and cash registers and everything.

Digital Distribution Accounts for Just 6% of Game Sales - Magid [GameDaily]


    Gotta love how they haven't looked at all at the PC market. O_o
    With the limited hard drive capacities of the consoles I prefer to have hard copies of games, but for PC if I can get a game cheaper on Steam I'll gladly buy it.

    Also, I'd like to point out the simple fact that most consoles have regional-locks on their games so there's little reason to order hard copies online, especially given the exchange rate. Up until this recession business, I ordered most of my hard-copy PC games from Play-Asia (as PC games are region-free, duh).

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