IGN AU Crowns Its Console Of The Year


Our friends over at IGN AU continue their fanboy-baiting objective analysis of the software performance of the three current-gen consoles. So far, they've assessed the exclusives, specific genres, and the download services, which saw the PS3 scoop two categories to the 360's one. But today it's the big one... the Best Overall Console for 2008. Let's find out who won...

After wading through three billion graphs, all showing the same data presented in slightly different ways, we finally reached the conclusion mere seconds before our brain melted. And so for those still playing along at home, the winner is... the PlayStation 3, by virtue of having slightly more higher-scoring (as reviewed by IGN) games over the course of the year than the Xbox 360. In what comes as no great surprise, considering the IGN audience, the family-friendly Wii trailed well behind in third place.


    What a load. That's like the Virtual Boy or the Atari Jaguar winning Console of the year.


    I suppose it helps make them feel better about they paid a grand for a console?

    Well deserved in my opinion, the ps3 has really started to break away with excellent titles, all the best 1's on the 360 are already on the ps3 anyway (i got tired of testosterone filled shooters since doom, there hasnt been anything original since then im sorry in the genre).

    I'm looking forward to the ps3 breaking away even more so more and more games will be using the room of blurays to optimize games for the system more.

    Oh Jesus, there's so many xbox fanboys it's really not funny. I'm not a ps3 fanboy myself,or at least try to be, but honestly these guys are being really unreasonable pricks.I doubt that the PS3 will get the most sales at the end of the generation, but it is defiantly the better of the hardware and as the time goes by we may even see some kick-ass exclusives.

    Finally people are seeing what a better console the PS3 is compared to a cheap sweat shop made 360. Good one Mr. Gates. Why don't you cut even more corners for your next console. Maybe it will help you get rid of the RROD. LOSERS

    The PS3 may have the best hardware, doesn't make it the best console though. Personally, there hasn't been anything released on it that has made me as excited as some of the 360 games.

    I don't read IGN, this kind of silliness is why. I own a ps3 and a 360, currently I play the ps3 more (mostly because it's quieter) but I would not recommend someone buy one unless they _really_ wanted to play LBP. Other game experiences (resistance, drake, even MGS to an extent) are available on both platforms, only LBP really sets the ps3 apart as a gaming machine.

    This year the 360 has covered in its exclusives jap rpgs, family games, music games, 3rd person shooters. If you include PC titles also on 360 you've also got 1st person covered in left4dead. The ps3 has had very little that's unique or isn't on another platform (whether that be PC, ps2 or Wii). LBP is pretty much it for the ps3 being 'different' this year.

    When a game is released on both 360 and PS3, I always choose 360. Why? Achievements. Sure the PS3 unashamedly copied them, but its not the same. Every game on the 360 must have achievements, where as they are optional on the PS3; an after-thought.

    Exclusive games? Sorry, doesn't interest me on either console. LBP - boring. GoW2 - More of the same. *shrug*

    Personally I own all 3 current-gen consoles. The Wii never gets turned on. The PS3 is used to watch Blu-ray movies and media from my NAS and the 360 gets turned on more than the other 2 combined to play games.

    Its good to have choice in the marketplace, but I don't see there being a clear winner.

    "considering the IGN audience" oh snap!

    It's also complete garbage. I would not be surprised in the least that they're being paid off by Sony Australia. Not that this decision's gonna make a difference to their sales, they cost more than twice as an xbox!

    Tenabrae... drake is a ps3 exclusive.. now go sit in the corner.

    As for you Matt, because ps3 has better hardware, and more capabilities, it does make it the best console. The amount of games released for a console do not define the console itself completely.

    Every single time a fanboy debate comes up, all the xbox FB crap on about how many games the xbox has and how they've got all these exclusives... they have no other angle, and nothing else to support their debate. Oh and lets all just forget that xbox pushed in front of the ps3 in terms of release, kinda like a retarded fat child in line at the tuckshop.

    This IGN story is laughable. Everyone knows that the best console of 2008 has been the Super Nintendo. As it has been every year since 1992.

    I own all 3 consoles like DS and agree with the assessment. My PS3 is mainly a bluray player and most of the time I prefer to play the 360. Must say I have seen quite a few multi-platform titles side-by-side and they almost always look better on the 360. This makes me doubt the 'better hardware' argument. I mean sure the PS3 has a superior CPU but I think the 360's graphics architecture is superior to that of the PS3.

    @ Colin - Not quite as simple as that man. The reason why the graphics on 360 are looking better than ps3 is because the ps3 is a thousand times harder to program and write games for. Developers have begun taking short cuts and are no longer willing to put in the extra mile to create a quality game, like they did in the past for ps2.

    My advise is to wait for mid 2009 when these guys finally take their fingers out and start givning ps3 the much more superious graphics it deserves.

    Who here thinks that the red rings of death had something to do with the 360 breaking down? After all it's hard to be the best console when you break down every few months.

    And yet the Wii sits a comfy lead ahead in terms of sales.
    Congratulations, no one cares.

    Let's be honest. One of the reason people buy XBOX360 is because they can get it modded and download "backup" copy of torrent.

    Judging from the overzealous comments from 360 fans clearly shows the majority of 360 buyers are highschool kids or college students with tight budget. One day, you kids will learn to assess your investment more thoroughly. The bottomline is not always the deciding factors.

    Sure, 360 is alot "cheaper" than PS3 at the first glance. But $100/year online subscription is not cheap. So after 5 years of online gaming, you'll be paying $500 and that cost even more than the console itself!? And another $150 for wireless network adapter??? $200 for 120GB HDD??? COME ON!!

    Not to mention, 360 STILL rocking up DVD while the technology nearing the end of its live cycle. The world is ready for HD Video, the world is ready for Blu-Ray. Sony revolutionize technology like they always been in the past. If it's up to Microsoft, our great grandchildren still rocking up DVD well into their 50's...

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