Pearl Jam Album Gets The Rock Band DLC Treatment

Announced during last night's Spike VGAs, Pearl Jam's mega-successful, mega-purple debut album "Ten" is to be made available as downloadable content for Rock Band in March 2009.

Would have preferred "Vs." myself, but then, I work for Kotaku, not Harmonix. The release is obviously timed to help market the re-release of the album itself, also due for March 2009, but we'll shelve our cynicism in recognition this is one of the most popular and well-loved rock albums amongst people old enough to remember the Berlin Wall, but young enough to still have all their own teeth.


    F*cking Rock Band! My God! And being an atheist my God is Susannah Hoffs from The Bangles. I would walk her like an Egyptian any day. I hate Rock Band. I hate Guitar Hero. I hate anyone that works, or has ever worked to create, distribute or sell Rock Band or Guitar Hero. I hate anyone that owns Rock Band or Guitar Hero. I hate anyone that has ever played Rock Band or Guitar Hero. I hate anyone with a friend that has ever owned, or played Rock Band or Guitar Hero. I hate all pets owned by anyone that has ever played or owned, or ever had a friend that has played or owned Rock Band or Guitar Hero. They all have stupid names like Einstein or Indy or Chewy or whatever name they pull from ultimate geek movies. That said, Pearl Jam remain one of the greatest bands of all time. They leave all these emo bands cutting themselves in the corner of their blackened rooms, crying as they listen to The Smiths and trying to figure out WHY they are listening to The Smiths. If there was a band that came out within the last five years that was even a tenth as good as Pearl Jam are I would be as happy as Josef Fritz at a Family Reunion. Too soon? Anyway, I do digress. If there is one good thing about Rock Band (and I am punching myself in the crotch as I write this), it is that is opens up a world of amazing music. Yes children and adult nerds, there is more to the music world that metrosexual rock. Long live Pearl Jam!!!!

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