Pikmin, Mario Power Tennis Get New Wii-make Options

The latest issue of Famitsu, by way of IGN, reveals new details on Nintendo's GameCube-to-Wii remakes of Pikmin and Mario Power Tennis. Don't brush 'em off! Nintendo's not just slapping on Wii-mote controls.

Okay, for Mario Power Tennis they are. It sounds like the regular GameCube controller scheme is going by the wayside in favour of two waggle-tastic options: one playable with just a Wii-mote, another with both Wii-mote and Nunchuk.

The "Play On Wii" version of Pikmin, however, adds something swell in addition to what we already know. You'll now be able to save day-to-day records of your progress, letting you pick up the action from any point in your journey. Mulligans? Not bad!

New Features for Wii Pikmin and Mario Tennis [IGN]


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