Pixel Hunt Hits Issue #5: It's Australian And It's Free


Pixel Hunt editor Dylan Burns flicked me a note to say the 5th issue of his 100% Australian and 100% free e-zine is now available for download. That's the cover up there: it's like a print magazine... but on the internet!

It's a good fun read, actually, and you should encourage them to make more by visiting their site, downloading the back issues, posting on the forum and - maybe, just maybe - making a donation to the Pixel Hunt cause.

Oh, and they've got their very first podcast up, too. It seems like everyone's got a podcast these days. Does Kotaku AU need one? Seriously, what do you think?


    A Kotaku AU podcast? Well sure but not just for the sake of it. You may run the risk of adding to the saturation. Giant Bomb's pdcast is pretty entertaining while Penny Arcade is like listening to fingernails down a blackboard, with more boring thrown in.

    Gonna have a look at Pixel Hunt. Hell, I must have an affinity for actual magazines. I still buy Hyper for God's sake.

    Kotaku Coverage! We're famous!

    Holy shit! This is a hella awesome magazine! Thanks Kotaku, and thanks creators!

    Cheers all - we've tried to make it as good as we possibly could on.. well, no budget. Don't forget you can subscribe for free also :D

    David- you'll hopefully enjoy this one then, the editor (Dylan) and the assistant editor (James...which is me) also both write for Hyper.

    Nice! Kotaku mention! :D

    I'm Matt, the designer for this issue. Hope you all like it!

    WOOT first time advertising in shat box is acceptable jks.. good mag tho

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