Play World Of Warcraft Free For The Rest Of Your/Its Life

Boy, World of Warcraft can get pricey. You pay for the game, you pay a monthly stipend, you pay for expansion packs. So it's nice to hear of a charity that's giving away lifetime subscriptions.

If you donate US$25 or more to the Leukaemia and Lymphoma Society, you'll be in the running to score a free lifetime pass for the game, courtesy of Blizzard employee Katherine Allen, who's running an online fundraiser for the group. That means no more money spent on WoW subscriptions. Ever.

When that winner is chosen, three further charitable folks who made a donation will also be picked, each of whom will receive a free 12-month pass to the game.

Instructions on how to donate/enter at the link below.

Team In Training [LLS, via 1UP]


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