PlayStation 3 To Xbox 360: I Want You Inside Me

Like the Xbox 360 library, but prefer the PlayStation 3's aesthetic and higher asking price? Why not put your 360 inside your PS3? "Because that would be stupid," you say? Please.

The so-called PS360 doesn't care about "logic" or "necessity," its only concern is that the guts of an Xbox 360 fit inside the sleek PlayStation 3 chassis and that they worked, albeit far less elegantly. And its creator is only concerned with the profits that can be made from selling this one of a kind mod on eBay.

The caveats? The PS3 power button doesn't work, requiring a push of the PS logo badge. Nor do wireless controllers, which may be a more serious concern if you plan on actually playing this thing.

A look at the gooey insides of this hybrid are here should you have the stomach for it.

PS360 Console! Working ONE OF A KIND! Xbox 360 Premium! [eBay via Gizmodo]


    Now I can finally play World at War on a PS3!

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