PlayStation Home Not Here... Yet

When Sony announced this morning that PlayStation Home would launch go into "open beta" today, they forgot to mention exactly when today that would be.

So we asked Sony Australia and this is what they said:'s likely to be available later this afternoon/early evening for Australia.

There you go, if all goes according to plan, Home will be ready by the time you get home.


    Cheers guys, god, so exciting, damn sony for being pricks and just not coming out and saying it's coming until the very last minute to make it official

    Hmmm.....just after 6pm here and nothing yet.

    how can i download it?? via the store or what?

    Well, almost 5:30pm and still not here. I'm guessing they've delayed it again, lol.

    Nearly 19:00... nothing yet.
    So you just boot and reboot and it should be there right?

    hmm... its 8:48 pm here in AUS and nothing.. :(

    I was luckly enough to get into the closed Beta. The Home network appears to be down for maintainace at the moment. Open Beta shouldn't be too far away. I'm guessing it'll come with the usual Friday PSN update.

    Has anyone got it yet?

    Damn It! It's 10.30pm and still no Home whats the deal sony!!

    It is now the 12th 12:03 AM AEST
    Where is my home beta...?

    Its here now!!! I havent tried it yet, unfortunately have to get to work. its 77 MB to download.

    The beta was patched last night - two patches of 26Mb and 13mb, after install, the same wont load - gets stuck at the Initialising screen...

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