PS2 Backwards Compatibility Comes To The PS3 Via SingStar

The fact that a lot of PS3 owners own PS3s that can't play PS2 games sucks. Stupid move on Sony's part. But if the only PS2 game you wanted to play was Singstar, read on!

First announced earlier this year, Sony Europe have announced that the title update allowing SingStar PS3 users to "hot swap" their PS2 SingStar discs is ready for download. In other words, even if you own a PS3 that doesn't support backwards-compatibility, you'll be able to use your PS2 SingStars on your PS3 provided you boot up the PS3 version first.

Great for PS2 owners with a big SingStar library looking to upgrade to a PS3, but what about the rest of us? We're intrigued by this patch. If Sony can come up with a patch that lets one PS2 game run (even in a limited capacity) on a PS3 that doesn't otherwise support backwards compatibility, why can't the same be done for more PS2 games?

Exciting news on SingStar backwards compatibility! [Three Speech][Image]


    how can u complain about no backwards compatability when they cut it out bcos ppl were bitchn about the price.

    Nathan, perhaps someone's PS2 broke and they had a whole stash of PS2 games they didn't want to give away/trade in.

    would anyone who has downloaded this be able to tell me how big the download was?

    its about 15 meg.... and it works fine

    Out of curiosity, does anyone know how to use the singstar download on ps2 or it is simply not possible?

    As someone who still owns working beta players, ataris and commodore 64's, i have a hard time updating and letting go to the "oldies but goodies" but would love to be able to make up my own play-lists.

    Spanks, Angie

    the fact that the PS3 doesn't have backwards compatibility is a big problem for me, I don't have the room to hook up my PS2 as well. I wish they would could develop an emulator and even charge for it!?

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