PS3 Keyboard Remote Is Elegant Solution To Home Chatting

Rather than rely on a controller add-on or a full blue tooth keyboard, Success HK has just released a 3-in-1 wireless keyboard controller that provides a more convenient way to navigate PlayStation Home.

From the looks of it, the remote-sized 3-in-1 wireless keyboard remote functions as your standard Blu-ray disc remote, with a slide-out keyboard complete with tiny dual-analogue sticks to help move yourself about. As a person who currently uses a wired USB keyboard for PlayStation Home and has lost his Blu-ray remote, this seems like a lovely solution, especially at only US$28. And just look at the product reviews!

Works great and very cheaper.Once I was landing this website , I didn't want to get down ! I wish I can carry all products in breast and take them home!

I dare you to find a more glowing recommendation than that.

PS3 3in1 Wireless keyboard controller remote [Success HK - Thanks Wraggy!]


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