PuzzleQuest Hits iPhone With a Trilogy Twist

Finally. PuzzleQuest just hit the App Store so iPhone and Touch owners can get their game on over the holidays. But what's this? It's the first of a trilogy?

PuzzleQuest: Chapter 1 - Battle of Gruulkar sells for a mighty US$10 and is described as the first chapter in the trilogy of the Puzzle Quest Challenge of the Warlords for the Apple portables.

Each chapter will include the ability to store characters, spells and high scores so you can carry your character from chapter to chapter. This first 68 meg or so download is said to include about 20 hours of gameplay culminating in a battle with Gruulkar, leader of the Orcs.

What the game's description is not clear about is whether this is a new story or if we're getting the same game, only doled out in three $10 chunks. That would sort of suck if it were true.

[Thanks Veselov ]


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