Reeves: 'You don't grow the market by putting out shoddy machines'

SCEE president David Reeves had some interesting words when asked about Sony's future plans on growing their global marketplace.

In an interview with, Reeves put some of Sony's market growth strategies down on the table. Besides expanding into Russia, the Middle East, and South America, they're also looking into newer demographics and increasing their software tie ratio. At the end, Reeves threw in a juicy nugget about Sony's continued stance on manufacturing quality hardware.

We also grow the market through new products - some work, some don't, that's just the Sony way. And on that point, another thing we have committed to for supporting market growth is putting out quality hardware - you don't grow the market by putting out shoddy machines. So we try to make sure that PS3s have a failure rate of just two to three per cent, which is very low by industry standards.

The Xbox 360 has proven, to an extent, that hardware quality doesn't matter in the end. Price does, ultimately. What say you, Kotaku? Would you rather spend $100-$200 less on a PS3 if it increased the chances of your system breaking?

Action 'Station (MCVUK)


    It's not the hardware, or the price, its the games. People more often make choices based on games.

    Sony proved this with the PS2, surprising really that they don't acknowledge that they had it right in the first place and then dropped the ball.

    I agree with the above poster, it's the games.

    Sony didn't have any games that I personally wanted to play, where as the Xbox did. So I went that way for my first console.

    I'm itching to buy a PS3, however they just haven't given me a good enough reason yet.

    Games/entertainment value is where its at. Price close behind.

    Nin have it right with Wii, very high perceived fun value plus close to mainstream pricepoint.

    M$ have managed through their usual after release "service pack" mentality of tweaks and revisions to get closer to a good balance.

    Sony, continue with their marketing heavy culture of branding and prestige over real value.

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