Rumour: EA Sending Need for Speed to Junkyard

Rumour: EA Sending Need for Speed to Junkyard

The Electric Playground’s show on Friday reported that Electronic Arts has cancelled development of new titles in its Need for Speed franchise. An EA spokesman gave a generic response that did not dispel the rumour.

Electronic Playground did not name its source. Reached for comment, EA said: “We’re working through a process on people, products, and facilities at EA and don’t have any announcements today.” That’s no defence for a franchise that goes back to 1994, so, it sounds like something’s up.

Need for Speed: Undercover released to very unenthusiastic reviews, to put it charitably. It was one of the titles named by analysts in this week’s news that holiday sales would be sharply lower than expected, news that sent the publisher’s stock into a dive. EA CEO John Riccitello said the company would cut titles from its “bottom levels of profitability,” which exempts EA’s sports catalogue.

EA-owned Black Box Studios is the home of NFS. But it also develops FIFA, NBA Live, NHL and others for EA. Correction, that is EA Canada. EA Black Box makes Need for Speed and Skate. Killing NFS would be a serious blow.

Need for Cuts [Electric Playground via 1Up]


  • Need for Speed has been horrible since it went the way of street racing (well maybe after underground 1). The need to take it back to exotic Euro imports and fabulous shiny track locations if they ever hope to do anything with the franchise again. NFS3 is still the best NFS made.

  • if EA put in the hard work this couldve been a good game the problem is that the free roam world feels like it was just added in so they could put that on the ad most wanted was the best since underground series

    maybe the should idk move out of the constant dead city settings or if the city has to be so dead make it a wasteland city

  • I’d originally written a long comment on the good gameplay features that EA had managed to royally fuck up in their more recent permutations of NFS, however Kotaku seems to insist on refreshing every few minutes so I lost the whole thing. I guess I can paraphrase it to this:

    EA, if you want the NFS franchise to be successful, stop releasing shithouse clone-barf titles. Stop relying on bullshit AI that focuses on making the player lose instead of winning in terms of individual cars (i.e. knock off the ‘pack of retards to block and slow the player whilst two elite drivers take a mile-long lead’ tactics), stop building dodgy physics engines that need to change rules depending on the race event, and stop accepting bribes from Asian auto manufacturers! I’m calling you out on your subliminal advertising; Subaru, Nissan, Mitsubishi and Toyota! Your cars aren’t that hot, modded or otherwise. Okay, a heavily modified Toyota Supra would probably be able to keep up with a Ford GT, and a 2008 GT-R can keep up with a 911 GT2, but honestly, when I’ve got Subaru WRX’s and Mitsubishi Evo X’s riding a Ford GT’s ass end, something is amiss.

    And until you can sort out that plethora of broken gamplay, stop touting a ‘realistic experience’, you goddamn liars!

    @Korwin: Your comment makes little sense, NFS III was a street-racing game, hence the whole ‘getting chased by the police’ element.

    What would make a great NFS title would be to combine street and track racing. Try and make a name for yourself in the track racing world, but have the option of illegal street races to rake in big cash bets and pink slips. Introduce the police and some really severe penalties (impounded cars and such) as an incentive to maybe ‘play it safe’ and also keep the damn lobbyists quiet by showing there is a negative consequence to illegal street racing.

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