Free Radical In A Whole Lot Of Trouble?

We've got a few emails tonight concerning Free Radical. And how the studio might be in a spot of bother. Apparently staff arrived at the company offices today to find them all locked up.

Which is never a good sign. Especially when there are also security guards posted outside to stop employees from getting in.

We hear that a meeting's going to take place in the next few hours to explain what's going on, but if it doesn't involve:

a) the closure of the studio, who have developed TimeSplitters, Second Sight & Haze

or at least

b) mass layoffs

We'd be awful surprised. Unless the bosses decided to lock everyone out so they could sort out their secret santa lists. Though that scenario is, admittedly, less likely.

We've contacted Free Radical for comment, and will update when we hear back.


    That's horrible, does it remind anyone else of what happened with Sigil and the Vanguard devs?

    I hope the individuals effected land on their feet. I read elsewhere that take 2 and some other dev house were recruiting afterward.

    I'm also really upset as this means that more than likely there will be no new Timesplitters for the current gen consoles. Dammit some of the best fun I've had has been playing those games with mates. I've since moved on consoles so I can't even go back and play the old ones :(

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