Rumour: Kojima Working On First-Person Shooter, Calls On Infinity Ward

According to an anonymous poster on the popular but perennially sketchy 4chan board, Metal Gear Solid series director Hideo Kojima visited the offices of Infinity Ward today. Why? "To learn" about first-person shooters, allegedly.

The purported Infinity Warder wrote — with accompanying photo "proof" of the visit — that Kojima is working on something in the "FPS genre so he came to us to learn and take details from the team." It wouldn't be the first time that Kojima was rumoured to have called upon the Call of Duty developer's FPS know-how.

EGM (and 1UP, natch) ran unconfirmed reports that Kojima was "on tour," visiting FPS experts like Infinity Ward and Killzone developer Guerrilla Games for some knowledge sharing.

Kojima has also dropped by Call of Duty: World At War developer Treyarch, we hear, a strong hint that the head of Kojima Productions wants to put third-person cameras behind him.

Could this be what "a next Metal Gear is?" Or is Kojima working on another beloved property, Policenauts or Snatcher, possibly? We'll keep you posted. Until then, consider this rumour for now.

Thanks to Chris for the heads up.

Update: Robert Bowling from Infinity Ward helps to clarify the details of Kojima's visit, call the quote that the Metal Gear director was there to learn from the developer "bullshit" and "re-donku-lous."

Bowling writes: "We're massive fans of Kojima's work, with MGS4 ranking up as one of my personal favourite games of all time. To presume Kojima and company has anything 'to learn' from us regarding game design is re-donku-lous. As fans of his team's work, we invited them to the studio for lunch and to check out what we currently have in the works while they were in Los Angeles. It's fairly typical for us to meet up with fellow developers whom we admire. Whether it be Kojima, Blizzard, or otherwise."


    Of course the legendary developer wouldn't go to Infinity Ward to "seek" help for his next project. That would have to be the stupidest thing ever. A more than 20 years old game developer wanting to learn from decent ones.

    HK is amongst the greatest game makers in the industry ever, to have this man "visit" a studio is massive news. Don't count this as rumour, remember that FPS footage in acts 3 of MGS4... yeah you know it. bring it on. HK is god.

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