Sci Fi's Top Ten Overrated Games Of 2008 May Offend

On the Sci Fi channel's gaming blog Fidgit, actor and game journalist Tom Chick delivers a list of 2008's most overrated games that is guaranteed to piss off just about everyone imaginable.

The list is comprised of games that many would consider the very best of the year. Braid, LittleBigPlanet, Left 4 Dead, Metal Gear Solid 4, Grand Theft Auto 4 - all presented as games that don't deserve the praise they've received. In his defence, Chick does offer up a pre-list caveat:

Many of the following ten games are great. A few came close to being on my top ten list ... I would call a couple of them works of genius. But I think they're the most overrated games of the year for the simple fact that I'm surprised at how well received they were.

I'm just a bit sketchy on what he's saying there. He considers some of the games works of genius, but is surprised that others do as well? Hit the link to see the full list, in which I feel that only one title fits the category, mainly because I am a lazy bastard.

10 most overrated games of 2008 [Fidgit via Waffle Squadron Omega]


    Yeah, I can't figure it out. The best I can gather, is that he's complaining about every game that got an 8, that he thought should have gotten a 7.
    and "A few came close to being on my top ten list"..
    umm.. what kind of top 10 list doesn't have at least one of the following:
    Metal Gear Solid 4
    Grand Theft Auto IV
    Little Big Planet
    Left 4 Dead

    That dude shouldn't be allowed on the internet.

    "1) Grand Theft Auto IV"

    Most definitely. Massive wankfest of a game that adds dozens of bells-and-whistles but DOESN'T IMPROVE ON THE FRANCHISE AT ALL. Hell, it makes it WORSE with all its stupid dates and other distractions from the story mode. Biggest disappointment of the generation for me.

    Didn't Mass Effect come out last year (2007)? Or do they consider 2008 to include a few months of other years?

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