Slow Mirror's Edge, Rock Band 2 Sales Could Spur More EA Lay-offs

According one analyst, Electronic Arts may be primed for more cutbacks in the wake of weaker than expected sales for a trio of new releases, including Rock Band 2 and Mirror's Edge.

Lazard Capital Markets analyst Colin Sebastian points to the tepid performance of those two titles and Need For Speed Undercover for his estimated drop in quarterly earnings of some $70 million, according to a report from Gamasutra. Stronger sales of titles like Left 4 Dead and Dead Space will help, but expects EA to add to the cuts it made in October.

That could also mean some franchises, new and established, going by the wayside. Finally, an excuse to get rid of that pesky Madden!

Analyst: More Cuts Likely For EA As Mirror's Edge, Need For Speed Underperform [Gamasutra]


    Rock Band 2 sold badly? Who'd've thought a game they released in 2 entire countries would sell badly?

    Mind boggling.

    Oh and my captcha today was caked DISAPPEARS. Apparently the cake IS a lie...

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