So, Home Is Broken

Home's out! Great news for tired Home programmers and Sony marketing types alike. But is it great news for you? Not yet! Because, it seems, many of you can't actually use the thing.

From the entire PSN going down to constant connection problems, a ton of people either can't use Home, or can use it for five seconds before being booted off. The service's announcement - which should have been a hub for congratulatory back-slapping - is perhaps the most entertaining catalogue of the issues facing potential users.

Me? Been trying for nigh on 12 hours now, and the furthest I get is a connection error message.

Hopefully this is the just the result of everyone hammering the service at once, and will sort itself out in a day or two when things die down.

How about you? You guys having much luck? Things improving at all?


    I been on home for over 2 weeks when I was invited to the home closedbeta.. it works great!

    I didnt log into home last night simply because I knew it was going to not work since they opened the door to everyone! :(

    I get the connection error the first time i try but then i can connect easily...

    Home was working for me on the 12th about 10pm, took awhile to download everything, but I was dancing like an idiot in the town square :)
    Although I did have a lot of problems trying to sign in, lots of 91 & 35 error codes, but I kept trying & what would you know, on the 20th attempt I was in.

    I've certainly experienced the Home's connection issues. I've seen about 5 different errors, all of which prevent Home from working. I usually try a few times before giving up and trying later.

    One of the biggest problems with the service's downtime, is that people are actually spending money in Home. Whilst the service is in beta, having spent money, that presents an interesting situation.

    Wanting to get a good understanding of Home I've spent around AU $30 so far. Part of that cost went to buying a Summer House, which is fairly useless at the moment, you can decorate it with furniture, but can't yet invite people back to your place.

    Another purchase was a Clubhouse (called AUSTRALIA). Within a couple of hours yesterday I had hit the limit of 32 members. This could provide an opportunity to create online meetups with like-minded people and also an opportunity to market your brand or site. But with the services availability being sketchy at best, this is not an option, at least not yet.

    Clearly Sony have underestimated the server demand for Home, which frankly I find amazing given the amount promotion and marketing they've done to build interest in Home.

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