Sony's Pulse Covers The PlayStation Beat

As a part of their effort to provide original video content to PlayStation owners, Sony has launched Pulse, a biweekly video program that covers everything happening in the world of PlayStation.

Hosted by Christina Lee, Pulse is a program available via the PlayStation Network for your PC, PS3, or PSP that looks at upcoming and current releases for the PS3 and possibly the PSP, should they get around to releasing anything new for it soon. You'll get information on the must-have titles via official list, most-downloaded PSN titles, and upcoming movies available for download to the console. It looks like something that would have been at home on G4 a few years back, to the point where I keep expecting her to mention Pringles at any minute. Look for it every other week on the PlayStation Network.

Introducing PULSE Presented by PlayStation Network [PlayStation.Blog]

Update: We've had it confirmed with Sony Australia that Pulse is only available on PSN in North America. There are no plans for it to be made available elsewhere.


    Very disapointed to hear we won't get Pulse with Cristina Lee in the UK as its only available in North Americas. Just seen her on Korean Arirang TV's Dream It. And what a lovely bubbly person she is.

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