Spore Now Graciously Allows You To Reinstall Your Own Game

For many of you (not many of everyone, if you look at the sales charts), Spore's iron-fisted DRM was a big turn-off. Well, after promises, now EA have delivered, freeing up the game's installs.

PC owners (sorry Macs!) can now download a tool from EA that will let you de-authorise your PC. This effectively allows you to override the game's installed-on-five-PCs limit, as you can manage the availability of all five "machine slots".

So if you hit the limit of five, just use the tool to de-authorise one machine and it'll free up a slot. Easy.

Spore De-Authorization Tool [EA, via Offworld]


    Too late for me. Legitimately bought game wouldn't run on my machine which has Genuine WinXP. The game's going back to the shop for a refund. Such a pity; I really wanted to play this game but it looks like the only way to do that is to get a pirate copy - and I don't steal games so I guess I'll never get to play Spore.

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