StarCraft II's Zerg, Protoss Campaigns On The Backburner

When Blizzard revealed that it was splitting StarCraft II into three separate products, we grumbled. Who wouldn't? But we've come to terms with it, especially since the Terrans get first shot at the story.

StarCraft II lead designer Dustin Browder tells 1UP that while the Terran single-player campaign — over two-dozen missions strong instead of then StarCraft-standard ten — is playable the others "are definitely not in a playable state."

"We've put by far, the most amount of work into the Terrans," Browder tells 1UP. "The other two campaigns are still in planning and concepting, which is where they'll stay until we're done with the core game." Yes, great — more Terrans, less Protoss, please!

And while the prospect of a campaign mode with up to 30 missions packed in may verge on outstaying one's welcome, Browder says "we're treating all of them like their own little mini-game" touting some interesting scripting tools that look to expand the StarCraft single player experience. And who doesn't like mini-games?

Now, back to waiting (again) for StarCraft II.

StarCraft 2 Wings of Liberty Preview [1UP]


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