Step Into The Terrifying World Of An Xbox 360 Superfan

When do you know when you've taken your love for an inanimate piece of consumer electronics just a bit too far? It's when your hushed tones of reverence make you sound like this guy.

[via Offworld]


    Years from now, when the police run a ring of tape around his home, the neighbours will describe him as "a nice, quiet lad, who really just kept to himself."

    Ha he sounds like adam sandler in billy madison!

    And there's a ring of red LEDs over there. And of course they can flash sequentially, round and round in a circle. Like the XBOX 360 ring of death. Which is pretty cool

    This is the scariest thing ive ever seen, just when you thought the horror movie genre was out of ideas, this came along. This could possibly make one of the scariest movies of all time. All that video needs is some dramatic music to go with it and a few taglines with it like; "Everyone thought he was just an ordinary boy, until they heard the screams". No but seriously this has got promise as a full blown hollywood movie. :D

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